Simple ways to purify drinking water

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”.


Water is everywhere but is it safe to drink? If its not then we need to take care of such things. Isn’t it?
Now a days pollution increases day by day, hence water contains harmful microorganisms, bacteria which causes variety of infections such as dysentery, hepatitis, hookworms etc.
There is great need of knowing water purification techniques to save our self from these hazardous ailments. Here we are going to learn some simple tips to purify your drinking water at your home.

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There are few basic things which we need to take care while preserving water like use of clean bucket to store water, use of water filter which we can fit to tap. These things help to collect clean water in some percent.


1. Boiling water :

Boil water on large flame. When bubble begin to appear that means your water is boiling. Boil it till 10-15 minutes that will kill 99% microorganisms from it. It also remove most of the unwanted chemicals by vaporizing them.

2. Use of alum :

There are still many villages or cities where supplied water is really muddy and impure. That time alum is very beneficial to purify it. Make a powder of alum and spread it in drinking water. Keep it aside as a still water. After some time mud will settle down. Slowly separate out the clean water from mud. (Please do not use large quantity of alum that will change the taste of water)

3. Purification tablets or drops :

Remember that purification tablets or drops are not best purification method. But purification from bacteria is worth than bitter taste of water.

  • Iodine tablet are many times use for purification purpose but chlorine tablets are also use for the same purpose.( Pregnant woman, above 50, thyroid people should first consult doctor before using these tablets)
  • Place the tablet in water container or bottle.(one tablet for one liter and also check expiry date before use) . Mix the tablet until they dissolve it in water. Wait for 30 minutes till it will kill the bacteria. Then its ready to drink.

Enjoy pure water in any season, at any place. 🙂