Experience the Monsoon with wonderful waterfalls in Nashik

Monsoon – Best season when extremely hot and humid climate is suddenly converted to cool, romantic and pleasant environment. Trip in this season means enjoying the climate without sweat and stress. Heavy rain may add some risk but when it comes to enjoying the rain, risk becomes thrill. During monsoon, it’s almost hard to travel by skipping the rain. No doubt, it only enhances the beauty of earth.
During monsoon all the mountains are decorated with plenty of rainfalls. Some of the best waterfalls in Nashik

1. Dugarwadi Waterfall: –

One of the best waterfall in Maharashtra around 30kms away from Nashik. This is a best place to visit in monsoon since greenery in surroundings and pleasant climate can make your trip more enjoyable.


2. Vihigaon Waterfall:

Best place for water sports like rappelling and canoeing. This waterfall resides deep inside the Western Ghats. Vihigaon is near by 51.9 kms from Nasik. It takes approx 1 hour 30 mins to reach.


Must Do Monsoon Trek near Nashik

3. Someshwar Waterfall:

It’s also called as “Dudhsagar waterfall”. Someshwar is situated near Gangapur road. About 7km away from Nashik. Someshwar and its surrounding greenery are the favorite place of many film makers.


4. Dabhosa Waterfall:

Dabhosa waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra which cover 16 acres including Dabhosa waterfall resort. The beauty of waterfall can be seen when water falls down to 300 ft. It’s near 89.2 kms from Nashik and takes approx 2 hours 20min to reach.


This nature’s beauty will help us to visit another side of our city with active landscape of cool greenery.

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