India’s Haunted places

India is most beautiful and famous for religious, natures loving place among the world. It’s beautiful yet mysterious country having lots of scary stories behind any palace, fort, bungalow, battles and many more. There are countless places in India in list which reported as a haunted. Today we have listed top haunted places in India amongst them.

1. Shaniwarwada Fort Pune


Popular fort from “Peshwas”. Peshwas celebrated their much success in this specious fort.
People says this fort become most haunted place in Pune on the night of every new moon where localize many times able to hear voice “काका मला वाचवा” (uncle save me).
Behind these paranormal activities there is interesting story.
There was 3 sons of Peshwa Nanasaheb namely Madhavrao, Vishwasrao and Narayanrao. In the 3rd battle of Panipath Madhavrao succeeded as Peshwa. During this Vishwasrao accepted death. After his death Madhavrao also died.
That time Narayanrao was just 16 who became Peshwa at very young age. Due his small age his uncle Raghunathrao was in charge on behalf of nephew.
Raghunathrao’s wife “Anandibai” was very jealous. Situation became worse than ever. Narayanrao started to control the power and arrested him in his house. Raghunathrao had a bitter relationship with hunting tribe (Gardi). Raghunathrao’s wife Anadibai send signed letter from Raghunathrao to chief of tribe Gardi. Raghunathrao wrote in original letter “नारायणरावला धरा” but cruel Anandibai changed letter to “नारायणरावला मारा”. Chief of Gardi sent a group of peoples who enter in the Narayanrao’s room. He was sleeping by removing all the securities at night. He woke up and understood there will be something bad happen and he was going to killed. He ran towards Raghunathrao shouted “काका मला वाचवा”. But he was caught by Gardi, they hacked him into pieces and dumped in the river.
The Ghost of the young Narayanrao Peshwa still resides there and call his “KAKA” every new moon night to save him.

2. D’Souza Chawl Mumbai

Mumbai is a city where thousands of people come, search house for living daily. D’Souza Chawl in Mahim is well known chawl in Mumbai as a haunted by “The Lady of the Well”. This chawl is of 4-5 floors near Mahim. There is well who doesn’t have any boundary around it. One day one women went there to get water from well, the soil around the well collapsed and that women died badly. The lady of the well did not harm anyone but though people are not allowed to go near that well at night..
Sometimes sound of anklets could be heard. Sometimes abnormal activities happened.. It’s really scary!!!…

3. Ramojifim-city Hyderabad


Best destination for spending time with family, friends for trip, honeymoon, corporate conference, events, parties and many more. Apart from that, Ramoji film city is most famous for scary paranormal activities happening around.
Many mysterious stories are hidden behind beauty of this film city. According to local beliefs the place where now Ramoji is situated was a war ground. Nizam fought there and hence this place is extremely haunted by the dead soldiers. Many actors/ actress came there for shoot who heard ghost footsteps.
One actress was shooting there and she went to makeup room for next shoot practice and touch up. Suddenly loud terrified shout came from the makeup room and when crew members reached there, that actress was unconscious. After half an hour when she felt better she told “she was combing her hair gently and practising her next dialogue in front of mirror. When she again looked in mirror she saw men standing behind her. Actually that was not men, something different dressed like old time Churidar and smiling at her. It was horrified experience shared by that actress.

4. Cantt road Delhi


Delhi is a city where ancient, historic places and modern culture mix together. Some historic places and modern culture make it happen. How can Delhi stay behind from others in Haunted places??? There is a true story of some paranormal activities happened in Cantt Road Delhi.
Near about 11 night. One man went from cantt road. He was playing songs in his car with almost full volume. His phone was continuously ringing, his wife were calling him. He ignored that. Suddenly cold wind hit his face, he was unaware of that creepy things. One lady standing on road and asking for lift by raising her hands. Man reduced his car speed to look clear. She was wearing white saree and her face was not enough visible.
He whispering with himself “White saree lady???” and he out the gear and raise car with maximum speed.
Hushhhh!!! he left that lady behind there. He was driving car in rush and suddenly he saw on his right side the same lady standing and raising hand for lift. She is now running with same speed of car.
Oh My God!!! It was terrible situation
The man just holds the steering and drive car as fast as he could. After some time that lady vanished with dark.

Note: hasn’t verified any of the above events. Content published above is just a collection of such stories freely available on the internet to read and we dont take any responsibility of its verification. Visitors are requested to take it on light note.

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