Shopping – An addiction

Shopping – Passion, hobby of almost all women on this earth…Comparatively women spend more time in shopping than men who tries to complete their shopping even in 25-30 minutes. Women have capacity to shop even for whole day. Hardly have they needed reason to shop whether it is for buying their own stuff or for anyone in the family.

General impression is women are more selective during their shopping. In order to be selective and choosy you should know bit knowledge about your shopping and the city… Like from where you need to buy, from where you get discounts, what are the fashion brands and where you will get it etc. Being aware of the shopping spots in the city definitely helps you to get the best deal and keeps you updated with latest trends.

Nowadays people have option for online shopping as well which most of the crowd prefers but still shopping on counter is different fun altogether. Many people prefer to choose from wide variety of options from different shops. Shopping in the city like Nashik is icing on the cake for shopping lovers. It offers lots of options for everything like clothes, jewelry, wedding shopping, grocery etc…almost everything! City has almost every brands showroom at different places. There are few famous shopping places across the city-

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