Trek in Nashik with Monsoon Shower

“In the mountains there are only two grades: You can either do it, or you can’t.” – Rusty Baille
Trekking is adventures high mountaineering. Generally where common transport are not available and lengthy, venturesome journey which we tackle by foot is what we call Trek.

Icing on cake is its time to say good bye to bid summer and welcome to love season , monsoon shower. Its ideal time for hiking . Actually trek is suitable adventurous escape from our daily hectic routine and enjoy the time by feeling great, beautiful nature.

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As monsoon headway trekkers gets more active and enthusiastic for hiking. Nashik is also having many adventurous trekking points. Some of them are short-listed here : (Click on image to know more.)

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    Ramshej Fort

    Ramshej is situated on Dindori Road and Aashewadi village is on base of the fort. Its near about 14 km from Nashik.
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    18-20 km from Nashik and situated on Trimbak road. Its a base from trekking as many trekkers start trekking from this place.
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    Location is Trimbak area and Nirgupada is base village. Most interesting place for trekkers as it provides variety for trekkers.
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    The Buddha caves brings many students here as its simple climb and situated just outside the limit of city. Pandavleni is very popular among Nashik people.
  • Nashik tourist places


    Located near Trimbakeshwar village near about 25 km from Nashik. The importance of this place is River godavari originates from here and its mountain form of Lord Shiva.

Enjoy this monsoon in Nashik trekking spots .

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