Bridal Hairstyle

Attractive Hair Style in simple way

1. Make a low ponytail using ponytail holder/rubber band by pulling the hair back. Leave some hair strands from front and curl them to look it better.

2. Loose the ponytail little from the head. Use your fingers or Topsy tail tool to make a flipped ponytail by flipping the loosen section of ponytail.

3. Pull the elastic and tighten it from head.

4. When your hairs are coming out then secure it with elastic and set it properly.

5. Hold the end of fishtail and turn it up and down and put it in same hole. Which create a nice bun of hair.

6. With the help of bobby pins, fix it properly in bun(fishtail) and arrange the bun as per our comfort and requirement.

7. Use attractive accessories on top front of fishtail flip and make it more beautiful.

8. Use hair spray or spray wax to set the hair properly.

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