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Jewelry is a treasure for woman. Choosing jewelry is so much important and interesting part while getting ready. Many times it happens, we have some jewelry that we like a lot but unfortunately that doesn’t suit us and some jewelry are so perfect that enhance our beauty.
Jewelry selection is much similar to clothing selection. Want to know how?? your size, body shape will be considered when you purchase or choose any dress, same way your face structure and face shape should be considered while choosing your jewelries.
Also you should attached with your comfort zone with your fashion.

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First thing you have to do is, you have to identify your face shape like round, oval etc and then choose your jewelry. There are jewelry selection tips which will help you to choose your jewelries according to your face.

Jewelry Tips for Women with Round Face

  • Your face is round shape so avoid heavy jewelries. Rather simple sober jewelries suits you.
  • If you like nose rings then try smallest one with diamond is excellent combination.
  • Now ear rings, choose small ear rings than long one. Since long ear rings will make your face phantom of oval look.
  • Necklace should be like V shape so that your face will look oval. Round shaped necklace will make your face shape more round.
  • Now recognize your face color. If your skin is fair then gold or diamond will look excellent. If you have dark skin type then wear only pure gold, as artificial jewelries look worst and cheap.

Jewelry Tips for Women with Oval Face

Oval face shape is best for the woman who are really enthusiastic for jewelry. If your face shape is oval then you are so fortunate to wear all type of jewelry as that all type suits your face.

  • Necklace should be similar to your overall body structure.
  • Don’t wear over lay long ear rings as your face will look more broad and oval in that.
  • Excellent choice for oval face woman are hoops.
  • This type of facing can carry wider design ear rings or necklace which can suit your fashion style.

Actually oval face woman are much flexible in clothing , jewelry and accessories too as they can use any kind of jewelry. Basically there is no limit for jewelry in such case.

Adore your face with most beautiful ornament which are suitable for your face.

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