Prepare Yourself For Your Wedding

“Wedding day”, Its a dream day of every girl’s life. There are thousands of things we should take care or need to be done before marriage. Everything we do is just to look stunning on your wedding. Take care yourself and involve yourself into this Bridal Beauty routine. Its not only day schedule, you need to be careful from a month before. Now the countdown starts.



1. Fix appointment with dermatologist and check your hair and skin for better treatment. Visit your saloon to take hair spa treatment regularly and also dryness of hair.
2. You should try some cosmetics at this time only so that if something will give you an allergy then you can avoid such things.
3. Keep in touch with parlour regarding Manicures and Pedicures for your growing nails. Keep applying moisturiser to your body before going to sleep. Day and night creams are available according to your skin type for toning and cleaning. Use warm water and soak your feet into that so that it will help to remove you foot cracks.
4. Now time to decide your look for your wedding. Go through the magazines or internet to know about latest fashion. But just keep in mind, not necessary every latest style will suit you so please consult with good stylish.
5. You need to look fit, so Yoga is important everyday.
6. Use of Wax and Facial , Bleech is necessary from month before to glow your skin. And also to know which cream suits your skin.
7. Now a days , it is craze to talk with your would be husband or wife for whole night, it affects your body as well as eyes. Dark circles appear just because of stress or incomplete sleep. So please minimize the talking time as much as you can 🙂



15 days To Go

1. The most important thing is take rest at your home, avoid friends picnic, lunch plans,etc which will help you to avoid skin tanning and it will relax your body.
2. Its time to nourish and beautify your hair if your want, by trimming your hair, hair colouring etc. Oil massage is required for every alternative day or after every three days. In that also if your hair is dry, use hot oil.
3. Apply some fresh milk on your skin or fruit pulp for face scrub.You can also apply to your body.


Hold on! Now it's your DREAM DAY

Now you feel the benefit of preparing yourself from a month for this day. Because you have already done everything and keep in place so just relax and calm down.
1. As we all know, everyone is so excited on this day but stop involving yourself in every small thing. At wedding house there are so many people to handle that.

2. Before your ceremonies begin, just take long breath and have healthy breakfast or fruits to charge yourself 🙂

3. Now the most important thing is , the people who attend your wedding will complement and complain, so ignore complain and take complements. This will help you to enjoy your ceremony.

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