Girls traditional Ghagra for this Navratri

Days come and pass…some enjoys the natures shower and some sticks with their own boredom.
Environment changes every day, sometimes horrible hot and sometimes romantically cool. Everyone seek a change in daily routine and fortunately our festival brings the same for all of us. We all want to enjoy our nature, our festivals, our traditions but it require to secure little time from our regular hectic schedule.

While thinking of our workaday, thoughts gather in mind for all the missing events/moments of the past life we enjoyed.
And suddenly mike announcement appears like “Hello mike testing, mike testing… 1-2-3 check”. What is this? Ahh!!! There is beautiful lawn just beside the road embellished with colorful curtains and so many lighting.

It’s a Navratri time – 9 beautiful days of enlightenment & joy. For spirituals, its 9 favorable nights presented for Goddess Durga, which symbolize the purity and power of Goddess Shakti. Rituals considered Navratri as a destruction of evil. For youngsters, it’s time to gather together in a particular lawn to play Garba or Dandiya by wearing spectacular attire. This is the time for blast in a traditional way.

Thinking never stops, so Dandiya preparation starts from that minute only. Calling to friends, deciding the clothing color or style for each day and so many things.

Navratri – a festival for dandiya lovers and golden time for shoppers too. This festival has variety of special costumes like Chaniya choli, Lehenga choli, and heavy embroidered sari in Ghagra style.

It is a festival to spread colors in life which starts by vibrant and gorgeous shades of costumes made up of different colorful panels sewn together to form unique styling embellished with brilliant mirror work over it. This mirror reflects extreme enthusiasm and eagerness towards Dandiya. Another reason of wearing such costume is flared chaniya choli swing and whirl very gracefully with every Garba step which adds extra beauty to dance form and dancing look extremely pleasant.

First day is casual day so wearing Navratri salwar kameez with heavy zardosi work is preferable. Now days there are lots of variety in a single type. Fortunately we Nashikkars are so lucky in this case by having diverse kind of options for shopping in Nashik who provide plenty of varieties.

It is a time to do some makeover to look more precious. As women generally don’t prefer to go out for any function without makeup so why to miss this time as well?? Dandiya is traditional dance form so we have to dance for hours hence waterproof makeup can be fruitful as your sweat can not ruin your makeup and it will be for long last. Hair style should complement your attire, makeup and grace. Appropriate hairstyle can change your facial structure as well as make you more attractive. For navratri your hair should tie upwards like high pony or hair bun to prevent hair from damage.

Along with this most important is to adorn yourself by significant jewelries. Basically Oxidized Silver jewelry looks more prominent for Navratri since it is a tribal form of jewelry which gives traditional look. Navratri is all about wearing glossy and shimmering colors so oxidized silver jewelry adds more sparkle on face. With Dandiya attire we can use ornaments like Kadas, Necklace with heavy long ear rings or jumkas, broad payal, kamarpatta and many more if interested.

Now it’s time to look in mirror since mirror cannot lie. Mirror will show the gorgeous lady standing in front.

Ready for dandiya?? Let’s enjoy the Navratri with different but traditional way.

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