Statement Jewelry – Latest Fashion Trend

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”
Woman’s wardrobe cannot complete without enormous amount of important accessories. A great piece of accessories can give absolute elegance to even plain, simple attire. That means there is a need of finishing touch to become perfectly ready for any occasion. Isn’t it?

This single piece of jewelry can make your outfit extremely striking amongst all.
Just remember that your jewelry selection for your attire must be like everyone should admire, praise it rather getting surprise.

Many people think that selection of outfit is much tedious job than accessories. But selection of correct accessories is also much difficult part. Bold piece of jewelry must stand alone in such case since crowded area doesn’t look sober. It’s most preferable of wearing one bold jewelry at a time. Don’t even try to wear statement necklace with statement earrings or bracelets with ring that crowded section.


If you are going with party wear like ball gown, one piece etc then must follow sober styling in case of jewelry selection. V-necked, low necked or strapless gown are really perfect for statement necklaces as it attracts the attention towards your neckline…
If your attire is traditional then must go with traditional jewelries like heavy antique or real jewelries. Before that choose metal you are going with like gold, diamond, platinum etc


Now a day there is wide craze of heavy ear rings. Statement ear rings are absolutely awesome ornament that can give the bold look. Ear rings are the initial thing because of which your personality becomes noticeable. Ear rings type, color, stones and length everything matter while wearing statement piece. Long heavy ear rings can look much better when your hair style will be high bun, or high pony.


Adore your hands with beautiful bracelets. Structured or cuff bracelets are the best choice on your statement jewelries. Bangles are another option which can go with traditional as well casual wear too. Bangles type change according to your styling as it needs to match with your outfit.

Never hesitate in wearing any ornament to adore yourself for your special occasion since that time your comfort, attractiveness is much important with carrying your confident.

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