Trek in Nashik with Monsoon Shower

“In the mountains there are only two grades: You can either do it, or you can’t.” – Rusty Baille
Trekking is adventures high mountaineering. Generally where common transport are not available and lengthy, venturesome journey which we tackle by foot is what we call Trek.

Icing on cake is its time to say good bye to bid summer and welcome to love season , monsoon shower. Its ideal time for hiking . Actually trek is suitable adventurous escape from our daily hectic routine and enjoy the time by feeling great, beautiful nature.

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As monsoon headway trekkers gets more active and enthusiastic for hiking. Nashik is also having many adventurous trekking points. Some of them are short-listed here : (Click on image to know more.)

  • nasik tourist places

    Ramshej Fort

    Ramshej is situated on Dindori Road and Aashewadi village is on base of the fort. Its near about 14 km from Nashik.

  • tourist places in nashik


    18-20 km from Nashik and situated on Trimbak road. Its a base from trekking as many trekkers start trekking from this place.

  • Picnic spots near nasik


    Location is Trimbak area and Nirgupada is base village. Most interesting place for trekkers as it provides variety for trekkers.

  • Tourist places in nashik


    The Buddha caves brings many students here as its simple climb and situated just outside the limit of city. Pandavleni is very popular among Nashik people.

  • Nashik tourist places


    Located near Trimbakeshwar village near about 25 km from Nashik. The importance of this place is River godavari originates from here and its mountain form of Lord Shiva.

Enjoy this monsoon in Nashik trekking spots .

Weekend Special Recipes

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

“Weekend” includes either experiments on recipes by innovative ideas, do whatever is your speciality or try out some new recipes. Something we prepare for our dear ones is the best feeling. And if that recipe is someone’s special then that would be “icing on the cake”. Isn’t it?
So lets make this weekend special by preparing special recipes like:

Malai Kulfi

Ingredients for Malai Kulfi

1. ½ liter Whole Milk
2. ½ cup Condensed Milk
3. ¼ cup Dry Milk Powder
4. ¼ cup chopped Pista
5. ½ teaspoon Cardamom (elaichi) Powder
6. tiny pinch of Saffron
7. Sugar to taste

Procedure for Malai Kulfi

Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add Whole Milk, Condensed Milk, and Milk Powder to it. Boil it, add Saffron and Cardamom Powder and stir it well. If you want extra Sugar then add Sugar and simmer the mixture up to 10 minutes. Turn off the flame and keep it for cooling then add Nuts in it.
Pour mixture into 5 – 7 Kulfi Moulds. Freeze it at most 7 hours. Keeping it overnight is better.
Place Moulds out of the freezer for 10 minutes and then serve it. If the Kulfi is stuff, then used a sharp knife along the edges which help for releasing it.
Your Malai Kulfi is ready,Serve it immediately.

Wedding shopping- Complement your partner attire

Wedding is actually celebration of love. In India it starts with shopping and ends with shopping only. Nashik is no unlike to this tradition. Its not new for us that many times groom’s wear doesn’t at all go with bridal attire. It looks really weird. That’s the reason why appropriate selection of wedding clothes is crucial.

Here no matter whether you are selecting western style or traditional culture but what will be supreme is your correct color-tones of your outfit which should companion with spouse’s attire. Actually what happens, you know very well what exactly you want for wedding but during shopping process you see variety of significant pieces and sometimes you don’t find the exact one or you get confused.

Every girl always dreaming about getting complete new wardrobe on her wedding. Exactly that’s happened in Indian wedding when she does her shopping. Its only the reason for saying that dream comes true, but actually your parents don’t say No for anything during that period.
Wedding shopping at Nashik is trouble-free by providing variety of showrooms. Some of them are scrutinized here:

Soni Paithani (for Bride)

soniSituated :
Opp. Nelson Memorial Children’s Hospital
Near Kulkarni Garden
Sharanpur Road
Nasik – 422 002

Digjam – Sanskriti -(for Groom)

digjamSituated :
Vishwanath Sankul
Next to Khadims
Opp. Big Bazaar
College Road
Nasik – 422 005

Kathiyawad (for Bride and Groom)

kathiyawadSituated :
Main Road Branch
996, Main Road Nasik – 422 001

College Road Branch
Opp. Nirmala Home
D’Souza Colony
College Road Nasik – 422 005

Kabra Emporium (for Bride)

kabraSituated :
Old Pandit Colony
Sharanpur Road
Nasik – 400 002

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Prepare Yourself For Your Wedding

“Wedding day”, Its a dream day of every girl’s life. There are thousands of things we should take care or need to be done before marriage. Everything we do is just to look stunning on your wedding. Take care yourself and involve yourself into this Bridal Beauty routine. Its not only day schedule, you need to be careful from a month before. Now the countdown starts.



1. Fix appointment with dermatologist and check your hair and skin for better treatment. Visit your saloon to take hair spa treatment regularly and also dryness of hair.
2. You should try some cosmetics at this time only so that if something will give you an allergy then you can avoid such things.
3. Keep in touch with parlour regarding Manicures and Pedicures for your growing nails. Keep applying moisturiser to your body before going to sleep. Day and night creams are available according to your skin type for toning and cleaning. Use warm water and soak your feet into that so that it will help to remove you foot cracks.
4. Now time to decide your look for your wedding. Go through the magazines or internet to know about latest fashion. But just keep in mind, not necessary every latest style will suit you so please consult with good stylish.
5. You need to look fit, so Yoga is important everyday.
6. Use of Wax and Facial , Bleech is necessary from month before to glow your skin. And also to know which cream suits your skin.
7. Now a days , it is craze to talk with your would be husband or wife for whole night, it affects your body as well as eyes. Dark circles appear just because of stress or incomplete sleep. So please minimize the talking time as much as you can 🙂


1. The most important thing is take rest at your home, avoid friends picnic, lunch plans,etc which will help you to avoid skin tanning and it will relax your body.
2. Its time to nourish and beautify your hair if your want, by trimming your hair, hair colouring etc. Oil massage is required for every alternative day or after every three days. In that also if your hair is dry, use hot oil.
3. Apply some fresh milk on your skin or fruit pulp for face scrub.You can also apply to your body.


Hold on! Now it’s your DREAM DAY

weddingNow you feel the benefit of preparing yourself from a month for this day. Because you have already done everything and keep in place so just relax and calm down.
1. As we all know, everyone is so excited on this day but stop involving yourself in every small thing. At wedding house there are so many people to handle that.

2. Before your ceremonies begin, just take long breath and have healthy breakfast or fruits to charge yourself 🙂

3. Now the most important thing is , the people who attend your wedding will complement and complain, so ignore complain and take complements. This will help you to enjoy your ceremony.

Simple ways to purify drinking water

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”.


Water is everywhere but is it safe to drink? If its not then we need to take care of such things. Isn’t it?
Now a days pollution increases day by day, hence water contains harmful microorganisms, bacteria which causes variety of infections such as dysentery, hepatitis, hookworms etc.
There is great need of knowing water purification techniques to save our self from these hazardous ailments. Here we are going to learn some simple tips to purify your drinking water at your home.

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There are few basic things which we need to take care while preserving water like use of clean bucket to store water, use of water filter which we can fit to tap. These things help to collect clean water in some percent.


1. Boiling water :

Boil water on large flame. When bubble begin to appear that means your water is boiling. Boil it till 10-15 minutes that will kill 99% microorganisms from it. It also remove most of the unwanted chemicals by vaporizing them.

2. Use of alum :

There are still many villages or cities where supplied water is really muddy and impure. That time alum is very beneficial to purify it. Make a powder of alum and spread it in drinking water. Keep it aside as a still water. After some time mud will settle down. Slowly separate out the clean water from mud. (Please do not use large quantity of alum that will change the taste of water)

3. Purification tablets or drops :

Remember that purification tablets or drops are not best purification method. But purification from bacteria is worth than bitter taste of water.

  • Iodine tablet are many times use for purification purpose but chlorine tablets are also use for the same purpose.( Pregnant woman, above 50, thyroid people should first consult doctor before using these tablets)
  • Place the tablet in water container or bottle.(one tablet for one liter and also check expiry date before use) . Mix the tablet until they dissolve it in water. Wait for 30 minutes till it will kill the bacteria. Then its ready to drink.

Enjoy pure water in any season, at any place. 🙂

Enjoy this summer vacation at waterpark

Summer this is season of water. Many people plan their picnics on valley, beaches where they can play in water and can swim too but many people nowadays prefer to go to water park instead beaches. People go to water park and freely enjoy indoor resting without summer heat on their back rather than outdoor sun tanning.
So lets go to a watermark in this you can enjoy sunbathing with multiple slides and showers that will cool your body from heavy heat.

Shubham Waterpark

In nashik there are multiple waterparks available but the most famous and big one is Shubham water park.
Its near Anjineri, besides Sapkal Knowledge Hub.23 Km – Distance from Nasik to shubham Water Park.
Let check for entry fees :
1. Free entry for children (below 3.3 fit)

2. 600/- package : –
Unlimited food
1 cold drink bottle
1 mineral water bottle
tea/coffee and popcorn

3. 400/- package – all the slides and fun without lunch
4. Senior citizens –
only waterpark – 350/-
waterpark with package – 500/-

If you have bring some valuable things with you then Shubham waterpark aslo provide lockers for them.
Total deposite – 100/-(30 rent + 70 refund amount)

If you want to play the slides then you need to have perfect costumes with you. Here you can get proper costumes on rent.
Gents – 100/-(50 rent + 50 refund amount)
ladies – 200/-(70 rent + 130 refund amount)
Child – 100/-(30 rent + 70 refund amount)
So enjoy this summer vacations at your favorite water place.
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Nashik’s Fashion world

“The product itself is not in the spotlight anymore: it is the brand that speaks.” – by Luciana Zegheanu

Fashion – encompass clothing, accessories, footwear & many more. Person follows fashion in the sense of their habitual trend in style of dresses. In ordinary terms your style of clothing should be more general which include proper study of latest trends. Actually defining “trends” is not an easy because every now and then clothing trend changes, since peoples are damn busier everyday so they need perfect clothing style that can take them through out the day. For that they should stay connected with latest fashion industry, styling, etc. There are diversity in clothing brands.
Some of them are

1. Pantaloons :

Pantaloons is one of the India’s leading multinational combination of companies by selling more than 100 authoritative brands in their showroom
with fresh collection.
They have variety of clothing like

  • Casual wear
  • Ethnic wear
  • Active wear
  • Formal & evening wear

2. Arrow:

Arrow is latest brand which reached to numberless people heart. People are used to prefer this brand as they provide different men’s work wear clothing style by their spring summer collection with

  • Suits
  • Shirts
  • tees in soothing tones and slim fits.

3. Blackberry :

Blackberry – established in 1991, a branded structured clothing for Indian male as its a one of the India’s leading menswear fashion brands. They deliver

  • Casual wear
  • Blackberry suit
  • Spring-summer collection & many more

4. Fabindia :

Fabindia is great in latest attractive hand – woven clothing design. Primarily their product range is textile based. They have ultimate, sobar and simple designs which enhance your beauty. They include

  • Kurtis
  • Top & shirts
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Pant
  • Jackets

5. Biba :

When it comes to dress up with traditional Indian or trendy/fashionable attires, Biba is one of the most loved brand across the nation which is affordable as well. Founder of Biba, Mrs. Meena Bindra started Biba in 1988 with

  • Salwar Kameez and dupattas
  • Chudidar suits
  • Kurtas
  • Bottomwear

In all developing cities in nation everyone focus on developing malls that can help people to gather all brands at one place. Nashik also have huge shopping mall named City center. Where we can enjoy all brands clothing style.

Classy look for Men

1. Choose appropriate dress


While choosing your dress you should not be very classy and trendy. Choose outfits that should be unique and it should identify your personality. Dont copy any film stars or anyone else just be yourself. Your wardrobe should be varied always.

2. Shoes choice


Shoes is the thing in which you can not go with cheap material. Look wise as well comfort wise you should choose best quality. Of course it should be branded and unique so that no one can copy your style. Shoes can be sweet but can not be over bored.

3. color scheme that match your skin


Color combination is depend on seasons and your skin colors. You with light colored eyes,hair with lighter t-shirt will be more ethnic look. In Summer season you should go with the light color costumes like white, off white. If your skin color is bright not so dark then you can go with dark color like black, grey, brown,blue etc.

4. Use appropriate glasses


Some guys think that if they are using glasses that means they are so boring and they can’t look handsome but Hold on guys… its not true now. Now a days use of glasses is latest fashion. Rather, the one who don’t have numbered glasses they use fashionable glasses just for trendy look. But the one who is wearing glasses they can use thicker frame which looks more manly and not ineffectual look.

5. Avoid sleeveless t-shits


Sleeveless t-shirt is good but not always. You can use sleeveless t-shirts when you go to beaches, pool or the best way when you are at gym. If you have enough strong and attractive body (muscular body) then sleeveless t-shirts look better and they fit you properly. Avoid these types of t-shirts outside or other than these places.

6. Wear belt


Wearing belt is the sign of professionalism. Use proper and best belt that looks better and match your outfit. Use quite broader belt that should cover loop space and which will not look shifty belt

7. Use striped shirts


Now a days many boys or men use striped or checks shirts gives formal look. Striped or plaid shirts look unique,shows attractive personality.

8. Sun glasses


Sunglasses shape means a lot here. Shape that suits your face will enhance your look. Branded sunglasses are a different craze with royal look. These sunglasses have different sizes available, choose appropriate size according to your face.

Cold Coffee


  • 1.Cold Milk – 2 cups
  • 2.Boiling Water – 1/2 cup
  • 3.Instant Coffee Powder – 3 tsp
  • 4.Cream – 2 tblsp
  • 5.Sugar – 2 tblsp
  • 6.Crushed Ice – according to need

How to make Cold Coffee:

  • 1.Take some coffee powder and sugar and mix it in boiling water. Keep it sometime for cooling.
  • 2. Blend this mixture for few seconds.
  • 3. Put some cream and crushed ice into it.
  • 4. Again blend this for few seconds till it become foamy.
  • 5.Garnish coffee with fresh cream in circular fashion, chocolate and serve.

Your chilled, yummy cold coffee is ready.